Rugby in Honduras - Sites Moved

Due to professional commitments I'm no longer available to maintain these sites. Everthing you need to know about Honduran Rugby can be found at: which just happens to be the site that you are automagically being redirected to...

I registered these sites while I was coaching small clubs in the barrios in Honduras. This was before the clubs had a federation or commercial sponsorship. Now that there is a federation, commerical sponsorship for clubs and a proper women's team my inital work is done and I have been trying to get these sites off my hands so that they can be run by the current players, coaches, teams and fans.

Anyone who is involved in rugby in Honduras and interested in acquiring this, or any other related domain name that I hold, can contact via Cost will be face value for domain name transfer which is just over 300HNL. After that the domain will be completely in your name and you'll need to organise/pay for your own hosting which can range from 1 euro/month up, as well as the standard annual renewal cost for a domain name which is also just over 300HNL. Instructions for a smooth transfer of ownership can be made available on request, or alternatively you can work directly with your hosting company to configure the dns and hosting changes.

It was fun teaching and playing rugby in Honduras, but right now I want to focus on my career and buying a house here in the UK. I think this content would be better managed by someone who is still in Honduras.

~ Best Wishes, John M.